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Welcome to Origin Programming

At Origin, it is our mission to create ongoing programmes, which will test, challenge and develop our members to achieve individual excellence. Every Origin Series programme is created to cater your current ability and designed to constantly enhance your capability.

Our strong moral principles around health and fitness are fully embedded into each and every programme we offer. Be assured that you are receiving safe and effective exercise prescription regardless of your ability or experience.

OUR TRAINing programmes

At Origin Series, we offer a range of premium training programmes that start at £40 to per month; tailored specifically to your needs and requirements, ensuring that you are prepared for becoming a fitness athlete.

In all of our training programmes there is a strong emphasis towards making you stronger, fitter and more robust. This is through high quality strength training, accessory work and well planned energy system development. All programmes are based on the most current and up to date scientific research in the fields of sport science and strength and conditioning; which is applicable to the fitness industry. This will be tailored specifically for you and aligned with your lifestyle, taking into consideration your training age, experience, goals, time available, and much more.

ONLINE GROUP programming

Below are our options for those who are looking for an amazing programme without the price tag, we have 3 phenomenal programmes written by our team of highly experienced coaches that are guaranteed to get you great results. 



£40.00 PER MONTH

Our proven results driven method provides structured programming which aims to build strength, muscle and capacity, helping you achieve your fitness and body compositional goals.

Our PERFORMANCE programme is for those who are looking to develop strength and fitness without the high skills you often see in competitive functional fitness. This programme focuses on creating solid strength foundations and fitness capacity in just 60 minutes a day



£40.00 PER MONTH

Producing athletes ready for any competition whether that's Hyrox, Crossfit or Powerlifting, we leave nothing on the table. To be truly competitive you need a solid foundation of strength, unquestionable fitness and confidence in high skill movements. Our team of seasoned competitors have covered all bases with this programme.

Origin Compete is for those who are either looking to step on the competition floor for the first time, or for those seasoned competitors who are looking to increase their performance. If you are looking to be better than the rest then this programme is for you.


our nutrition package

If you're looking for help with you nutrition then look no further, we can provide you with bespoke meal plans allowing for flexibility and structure that will suit your lifestyle.

Nutrition is such an important part of your training plan as it provides you with a source of energy required to perform the activity. The food we eat impacts on our strength, training, performance and recovery. With the correct nutrition, you will struggle to achieve the goals you aspire for.

Our coaches will work with you to design the perfect plan which fits into your lifestyle and is completely tailored to you and what you wish to achieve. You will receive weekly reports and feedback from your coach which allows for the plan to stay personalised to you based on events/life situations that will inevitably be thrown at you during the programme. You will be educated on everything you need to know to become independent and take control of your own nutrition.

OUR Nutrition programme

Our platinum package is £120.00 per month and is the most comprehensive nutrition programme service for those that want to make life long improvements to their health, performance, and body composition.


our coaches

Our coaches have over 40 years of combined experience in the fitness industry and personal training. Origin is the result of their passion to help people look better and most importantly feel better about themselves.

Our coaches have helped hundreds of people achieve a healthier and happier lifestyle through thousands of hours of fitness training.

We have also helped create and continue to develop hundreds of fitness professionals and lectured internationally on a number of health and fitness related topics.

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