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01. Worldwide Training & Nutrition

Online group and personalised programming, with option for everyone
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02. Fitness Coaching Education

Specialising in fitness education. Our team will help you qualify for a career in the industry
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03. World Class Training Facility

Come & visit our world class functional fitness facility in Bristol City Centre

Our Philosophy

At Origin Series we believe that you don't know how to get what you want if you don't know where you are. For this reason all of our programmes are created based on your current ability derived from a series of assessments.

Our coaching philosophy is based off the most up to date scientific research in the fields of strength, conditioning and rehabilitation which we have continuously developed over a combined 30 years experience.


About Us

Our Mission

Origin: the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived.

It is our mission to create ongoing programmes, which will test, challenge and develop people to achieve individual excellence. Every Origin Series programme is created from your current ability and designed to constantly enhance your capability.


We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our programmes, but the quality of service, support and guidance we provide to all our members.


Our strong moral principles around health and fitness are fully embedded into each and every programme we offer. Be assured that you are receiving safe and effective exercise prescription regardless of your ability or experience.


We are continuously developing our approach in order to add value to the service we provide to our customers, their experiences with us, and of course, their progress and results.


Our loyalty goes far beyond the firm and constant support our customers receive. Not only do we pride ourselves on staying loyal to you, but staying loyal to all our other values, thus, providing you with the service and quality of training you deserve.

01 Case Study Programming // Nutrition

Lou - Weightlifter/Crossfitter

Not only a successful Crossfit Athlete and Les Mills Master Trainer but Lou Herron is also English Masters Champion in Weightlifting. We loved looking after Lou’s Nutrition and watching her evolve into an even better athlete. Read more below about what Lou had to say:
02 Case Study Education

Dan - Student

Dan has always been involved in and had a massive passion for fitness and sport. In 2017 Dan decided to make his passion a career and studied for his Level 3 Certificate in Personal Training.
23/05/2022 Blogs Programming // Fitness


I think the first thing we need to agree on is what we mean by performance? When I talk about performance for muscle building I am thinking of a few different metrics that I use to measure someone's performance. …
02/05/2022 Blogs Programming // Fitness


We all know that anyone who has an endurance based goal should, and probably will be doing a fair amount of cardio, but what about the rest of us?    If you’re looking to get stronger…

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