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Fitness has always played a major part in Kate's life, as a teenager she was playing national level hockey and competing in Athletics. She knew she wanted to have a career in fitness and feels fortunate everyday she gets to do it. Kate has a huge passion for helping other people realise they can do more than they thought possible, whether thats picking up a bar for the first time, doing their first push up on their toes or making it through a workout they never dreamed they'd be able to finish. 

Kate was an International Presenter for Les Mills for 10 years before creating Origin Series with her partner Mark, alongside presenting at fitness events around the world she has trained hundreds of other people how to be instructors.  
Kate is a Reebok Sponsored Athlete for Team Reebok UK, this involves not only competing at a variety of Crossfit Competitions globally but being an ambassador for what Reebok stand for. Reebok's mission is to inspire people everywhere to be their absolute best —physically, mentally and socially, something we at Origin feel really passionately about. 

She loves to train hard and loves the challenges that varied exercise and great programming brings. 

"Getting the result you want is not often easy, but with hard work, commitment and support from the Origin Team, you'll be amazed at what your body can do!" 


Mark has been working in fitness education for over 7 years, which is backed up by over 13 years of experience within the industry.

With a degree in Sports and Exercise Science, Mark provides exceptional practical knowledge and is skilled at working with exercisers of all levels, from first time trainers to full time athletes.

Mark is currently a Level 4 Personal Trainer, UKSCA Accredited Strength and Conditioning Coach, Certified Nutritionist and holds a BSc in Sport & Exercise Science along with an MSc in Strength and Conditioning. Mark’s experience in the industry ranges from clients suffering with terminal illness, first time exercisers and all the way up to world class olympic level athletes, including professional rugby clubs, football clubs and triathletes.

Mark believes the biggest quality a successful fitness professional needs, is the ability to understand people and their minds. Exercise and nutrition is relatively simple, but people still don't succeed. We need to understand why they don't succeed when physiologically science explains very well how to get results. Getting people to stick to the plan is the hardest part, therefore understanding their thought processes will make you more effective.

The key to success is consistency, Marks programming with Origin ensures that you find an activity that you enjoy. He believes you should forget what anyone says because if you don't enjoy something you are not going to stick to it. Whether it's the gym, classes, running or anything else, just do what you love.

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