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Origin: the point or place where something begins, arises, or is derived. 

It is our mission to create ongoing programmes, which will test, challenge and develop people to achieve individual excellence. Every Origin Series programme is created from your current ability and designed to constantly enhance your capability.


We pride ourselves not only on the quality of our programmes, but the quality of service, support and guidance we provide to all our members.


Our strong moral principles around health and fitness are fully embedded into each and every programme we offer. Be assured that you are receiving safe and effective exercise prescription regardless of your ability or experience.


We are continuously developing our approach in order to add value to the service we provide to our customers, their experiences with us, and of course, their progress and results.


Our loyalty goes far beyond the firm and constant support our customers receive. Not only do we pride ourselves on staying loyal to you, but staying loyal to all our other values, thus, providing you with the the service and quality of training you deserve.


At Origin Series we believe that you don't know how to get what you want if you don't know where you are. For this reason all of our programmes are created based on your current ability derived from a series of assessments.

Our coaching philosophy is based off the most up to date scientific research in the fields of strength, conditioning and rehabilitation which we have continuously developed over a combined 25+ years experience.

We believe that you should not learn to run before you can walk. For this reason our programmes are based off developing strong, solid foundations before progressing onto more technically and physiologically challenging activities; at times, this may feel like you're having to take a few steps back before being able to move forwards. However, we strongly believe that movement quality, which is a combination of mobility and motor control, is undoubtedly the most important aspect of any training protocol. WHY? "you cant add fitness on dysfunction!" - Gray Cook.

At Origin Series we also believe that strength training is another key component to maintaining a fit and healthy lifestyle. It would be very small minded to only consider strength as a product of lifting something heavy. If we look at the definition of strength, then we get the following: the quality or state of being strong :capacity for exertion or endurance. If we truly understand the terms exertion and endurance, then we may begin to relate these to attributes of work capacity. And work capacity will only allow you to develop more skill due to your increased resistance to fatigue.

Thirdly, and arguably the most important aspect of our coaching philosophy is that we fundamentally believe enjoyment should be at the heart of every session. We want you to enjoy the process of discovering your capabilities, overcoming barriers and your overall journey to achieving excellence. How good can you be?

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