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Plan 1: Coached by one of our professional coaches

Plan 2: Coached by Kate or Mark


Our Individual Programming is for those who are looking for a more personal touch.

Take all the guess work and questions out of which routine is best for you and your goals. Whether you need extra guidance from experienced coaches, you have really limited time and looking to maximise your performance, coming back from an injury, have a specific goal or require additional motivation, our individual programming will be fully tailored to your needs

All programmes are based on the most current and up to date scientific research in the fields of sport science and strength and conditioning which is applicable to the fitness industry. This will be tailored specifically for you and aligned with your lifestyle, taking into consideration your training age, experience, goals, time available, and much more.

Your workouts will be delivered to you through high level training software and will include video instructions of movements as well as a forum for you to communicate with your coach, provide feedback and upload videos for assessment or technique checks.



> You will required to complete a detailed consultation form, it's important to give as much detail as possible here.

> You will receive your training plan within 7 days of Origin Series receiving your consultation form.

> Every week you will be required to complete your online training diary, uploading videos of you training (where appropriate) and detailing the outcome of the workouts done. Failure to do this could result in termination of your subscription.

> Each week your coach will provide you with feedback based around your sessions. Failure to fill in your online training diary on time will result in no feedback from your coach that week. We want you to be accountable for this. 

> Throughout the week you will have email access to your coach to ask any questions you may have.

> At regular times throughout your coaching journey you will have a review of progress with your coach. This is a great opportunity to reflect on how you have come.

> As needed, Skype or phone calls can be arranged subject to the availability of your coach.


We feel like it is incredibly important to be crystal clear here. In order to get the most from this coaching process we believe there are a set of requirements which must be adhered to. 

> Clients must be willing to put in a high level of effort. 

Clients are prepared to stick to their given training plan in order to achieve success.

> Clients can fully commit to this process, including:

> Checking in on-time

> Providing a full and honest reflection of the week

> Being accountable for their actions

> Communicating appropriately with their coach


    > Bespoke training plan designed to your lifestyle, ability & GOALS
  • > Consultation prior to starting to discuss goals & ASK QUESTIONS
  • > Personalised exercise routine designed guaranteeing you results

A. Once we have received your consultation form, your coach will start working on your plan. To ensure we cover all the details, it will take 7 days for your coach to get your programme to you. 

Q. How many times a week do I need to train?

A. This is totally dependant on your goals, lifestyle and available time. However, we suggest a minimum of three times per week is a good guide to achieve optimum results?

Q. Do I need access to a gym?

A. No. We have a lot of experience working in all different environments. We also understand that not everyone has access to a gym and can tailer sessions specifically to what you have access to. All of this will be covered in detail with you coach during your consultation process.

Q. Do I need to be fit?

A. No. Our individual programming will be fully designed and tailored to your current level of fitness. We love helping people get fitter so let us take care of that. You just need to make the step and sign up, you wont regret it. 

Q. Do I need to live in the UK?

A. No. As our programmes are delivered through state of the art fitness software, which contain videos and detailed notes of your workouts, you are able to train anywhere in the world. We have clients in over 6 different countries and love working with those outside of the UK. 

Q. How will I know what my exercises are?

A. All of your programmes will be delivered through state of the art software, which also includes an app. Within this you will have access too videos of all the exercises in your workout, detailed notes of the workout structure and a chat feature with your coach if you get stuck. 

Q. How will I communicate with my coach?

A. You will have the ability to communicate with your coach on a daily basis. All communication will be done through the same platform that your workout will be delivered on. You can chat, upload notes, videos and results directly into your personalised programme. 

Q. What if I miss a session?

A. Not to worry. We know life often gets in the way and sometimes sessions will be missed. If you do miss a session, they will still be there for you the next time you train. If this continues to happen your coach will help you with a better plan to ensure we get you the results you want. 


A. There are no refunds/transfers of service on diet and/or training programs sent. No exceptions. There is a 50% cancellation fee if the client chooses to terminate their subscription before they receive their plan.

This is a monthly subscription. Your payment will continue to come out on the same day of the month, every month. There is no contract for this programme, but a 4 week cancellation period must be given in order to terminate the subscription.

Monthly subscription:

From: £120.00

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