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Date: 16th January 2021



Origin Series have helped thousands of people take control of their health and fitness using a strong set of principles that we not only believe in, but are backed by scientific guidance. In this lecture we take a look at some of the underlying principles when it comes to losing body fat. 

This lecture has been taken from our 6 week nutrition course, where we teach the fundamentals of nutrition to allow you to take control of your health and fitness regardless of your goal. The topics we cover in this course are as follows:

> Lecture 1- Fundamentals of Nutrition

> Lecture 2- How to Track, The Importance of Monitoring Progress & Why

> Lecture 3- Nutrition For Fat Loss

> Lecture 4- Nutrition For Building Muscle 

> Lecture 5- Nutrition For Sport/Exercise Performance 

> Lecture 6- Nutrition Myths

This course is usually priced at £125.00, however if you wish to gain access to the other 5 lectures, we are offering this whole course to you at just £39.99. A massive saving of over £85.00.

This offer is only available for a short period of time and will expire on Jan 31 2020 at 23:00. To take advantage of this offer, please follow this link. * FULL COURSE SPECIAL OFFER LINK*

But, for now, we hope you enjoy this lecture.

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