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Date: 16th May 2022
Author: Neil Hedley
Tags: Fitness

5 Character traits you should look for when choosing a Coach or Personal Trainer ( a few you should actively avoid).


Quite often the first thing people think of when considering hiring a PT is a muscle bound man or woman dressed in sports kit walking around a Gym with all the confidence in the world, and often Personal Trainers from the outside might look like that. It’s easy to get sucked into thinking that the best personal trainers out there all look super pleasing to the eye, and whilst sometimes PT’s may indeed look superb this doesn’t necessarily mean they are any good at their job, or care about you and your goals, or even have any kind of moral compass or are willing to work as hard on you as they are themselves.


Its this common misconception that has given me the desire to write this blog. 

Number 1: A desire to help people:


This for me is building block A1, I truly believe that coaching and/or personal training is as much (if not more) of a social care vocation than a fitness one. Thats not to say that an in depth knowledge of fitness isn’t necessary, it is. But I believe that the delivery of that knowledge to an actual real life human being is often the most difficult part of the job. Furthermore having come from a background of Policing before jumping into the fitness industry I can say that the biggest tax on my personal energy has been around remaining caring and motivated, my knowledge of strength and fitness has been tested, but nowhere near as much, or as often. 


If your potential PT has a strong desire to help people it will carry them through all of the tough times you are likely to embark together. If you choose a PT who doesn’t have the desire to help you then the biggest biceps in the world simply aren’t going to matter.


Number 2: A passion for knowledge and personal development:


My biggest shock when I came into this world was that once you’re qualified you don’t have to further your development yourself at all. Therefore there is basically no bottom line for quality of service in the real world, unless the PT wants to continue to personally develop, they don’t have to. Given that PT’ing is a job where you are paid to personally develop somebody else, a passion for personal development is something you should be looking for from your potential PT.


Number 3: Personal Integrity


This is a big one for me for many reasons. The reason being is that a huge number of people come to seek help from a  PT and are therefore, in some form vulnerable to being sold short of good service. If you are someone who knows very little about fitness how would you be able to tell if the service you’re getting from your PT is sub par, or worse, downright awful? It’s likely you wouldn’t. If you can tell that your potential PT has a high degree of personal integrity then you’ll likely get a very good level of service from them. 


Number 4: Kindness


It’s obvious really when you think about it, you’re considering paying somebody actual money for them to help you. If the person your paying are by their nature very kind and giving they will. If they are quite unkind or self indulgent its possible they are a PT for very different reasons, and not that interested in you after you’ve handed over their fee.


Number 5: A strong work ethic


From the outside PT’ing looks an easy and quite glamorous job. I thought this was the case because of some of things I had seen in some globo gyms, PT’s chatting up women or spending much of the day flexing in front of a mirror, I never thought work ethic really came into it. As soon as I started I quickly realised that the good PT’s are all stressed, emotionally exhausted, work long and anti social hours. The ones that flirt and flex don’t fit into this category. 


So if you’re looking for a Coach or PT, trust your gut instinct and don’t be woo’d by a sales pitch. A good person will generally be a good PT.


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