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We have created a 6 week training programme designed to get you back into the gym post the 2020 coronavirus lockdown. 

Many people have continued exercising during this time period which is amazing. However, the bulk of this has either been walking, running, or some type of bodyweight exercise programme. Without proper instruction and a well structured plan going back into a gym environment could be dangerous. 

Our programme is designed for anyone who has had extensive time away from any sort of resistance training that isn't their own body.

the programme

Our 6 week training programme structured and delivered as follows:

> The programme will be delivered to your email address within 24hours of you purchasing the programme

> The programme will be delivered via a PDF document

> Each week will contain 4 progressive workouts

> You will need access to a gym. This does not need to be a fancy gym, most facilities will have the equipment required to successfully complete this programme



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Lindsay - Keen Exerciser

With an incredibly busy schedule, Lindsay was looking for a real time efficient and effective programme to ensure maximum results for the time she spent in the gym. We also adjusted some of her nutrition and ensured she was getting enough rest and sleep to support her hectic schedule.

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