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  • a 10 page pdf full of tips, advice and everything you need to follow the programme 

  • 4 weeks of post natal training designed to strengthen your core, hips and back 

  • 4 sessions a week, 20-30 mins a time

  • Technique videos 

  • 6 meal ideas

  • contact with kate for any questions during your time on the programme

Once you purchase the plan, Kate will be in touch within 24 hours.

You'll then get a PDF download to read, along with a log in so you can view the plan  with the technique videos.

You don't need to do anything, Kate will contact you. 

NO! You can be anywhere in the world to benefit from this programme.

almost all the exercises are kit free, there are a few with the option of using a resistance band if you wish.



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01 Case Study Programming // Fitness

Lindsay - Keen Exerciser

With an incredibly busy schedule, Lindsay was looking for a real time efficient and effective programme to ensure maximum results for the time she spent in the gym. We also adjusted some of her nutrition and ensured she was getting enough rest and sleep to support her hectic schedule.

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